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Information about sex for teens and adolescent Boys


This page is designed to educate, not encourage or condone irresponsible, irresistible, or incredibly exciting acts.


If there is information you want that's not covered in this site please don't hesitate to e-mail teeter@nni.com and I will work my butt off, or yours, to get you the information you need.




This page is dedicated to teeter@nni.com and guys growing up without dads, uncles, stepdads, older brothers, or those without good sex educators in their schools to ask questions of when they want to know something.
Special Note to People Linking to this page! Contents May Not Be Suitable for... Small Minds

fThe Big Picture

Just because you have a penis and it works, doesn't mean that you, or your prospective partner are ready for sex. And Remember, being a virgin is not a handicap it can be a great asset. Pardon the ass crack, and also pardon the ass crack crack.

Most boys start to develop sexually (reach puberty) between ages 12 and 15. Some reach puberty a little sooner, and some a little later. A boy will develop hair under his arms and around his genitals (sex organs). The genitals are the penis ("dick...... prick," and "cock" are the so-called common words for this organ) and the testicles ("balls" or "nuts" are the slang words).A sexually developed male is able to have sexual intercourse and become the father of a child. This does not mean he should have sexual intercourse. As a young man develops sexually, his penis becomes enlarged and erect (hard) every once in a while, sometimes when he is thinking about sex and sometimes for no reason that he can figure out. This happens to all males. Boys often refer to their enlarged penis as an "erection," a "boner," a woody, or a "hard on." Whether erect or not, the size of the penis is not important. The size of the penis does not affect sexual pleasure. Along with its capacity to become enlarged and harder, the penis, when stimulated, will at times release semen-a whitish, sticky fluid which contains the sperm. (The sperm are produced in the testicles.) Both males and females can become sexually stimulated or excited by their thoughts, day or night dreams, by looking at "sexy" pictures, by touching or rubbing their genitals, by making love, and in many other ways. The very height of the pleasure from sexual stimulation (in males and females) is called an orgasm (climax).To ejaculate (to release semen) is sometimes called "to cum." When you are asleep and semen comes out, this is referred to as a nocturnal emission or a "wet dream." It is normal, and you should not worry about getting your underclothes or sheets messy. Parents know that this happens to all adolescent boys.Many boys enjoy rubbing or stimulating their penis because it is pleasurable. This is called masturbation, which sometimes results in an ejaculation. In language that is not so formal, it is called "'jerking off," "beating your meat," "whacking off," "jacking off" and a few hundred other names.Although some will deny it, almost all boys masturbate at one time or another. It Is normal. As with all forms of sexual activity, masturbation should be done in private. Masturbation is not physically harmful even if done often. However, like everything else that is done "too much," it begins to lose its attraction and pleasure. If masturbation becomes "compulsive"-not voluntary-or a habit you can't control, then it is probably a sign of tension.Many sexual thoughts and fantasies occur to boys when they masturbate. This is normal. just because you think of something, it doesn't mean you should or would do it. Sometimes in a fit of anger we think of wanting to hurt somebody; but that doesn't mean we are going to do it. Sometimes we think of having sex with someone we know, even a close family member, but that doesn't mean we are actually going to do it.When men marry, they rarely give up masturbation. Husbands and wives have sexual intercourse as a way of expressing love for each other, for pleasure, as well as to have children. This does not mean, however, that there is anything wrong with masturbation after marriage. When opportunities for sexual intercourse are not readily available, such as during a long period of absence or the later stages of pregnancy, masturbation is a normal way of satisfying sexual needs. 




When a male ejaculates, the muscles around the prostate gland, as well as the muscles in the penis and surrounding area, contract. These muscle contractions, or spasms, force most of the sperm out of the ampulla. The sperm and semen mix together and are pushed into the urethra. They're propelled along the urethra and come spurting out the opening in the glands, or tip, of the penis. The semen usually comes out in three or four spurts. In all, about a teaspoon or so of white, creamy, milky semen comes out of the penis during ejaculation.The feeling that you get when all these muscles are contracting and semen is spurting out of your penis is called orgasm. It is possible to ejaculate without having an orgasm, but most of the time a male does have one when he ejaculates. Slang terms for having an orgasm include "coming...... climaxing," and "getting off."It's a bit difficult to describe exactly what an orgasm feels like. For one thing, it feels different to different people. Also, the feeling of an orgasm may differ from one time to the next. Sometimes the orgasm may be really strong and involve not just the penis and other sex organs but the whole body. At other times, the orgasm may be less intense, and the feeling seems to center around the penis and the genital area.When a male is about to have an orgasm, his penis is stiff and erect. The skin on his scrotum gets tighter and thicker as the scrotum draws up close to his body. His heart starts beating harder and his breathing gets deeper and heavier. The skin on his face or chest or other parts of his body may get flushed and reddish in color. This is called the "sex flush." His nipples may become deeper in color and stiffer and may stand out more. The muscles around his anus may tighten up. A drop or two of clear or milky white fluid may appear at the tip of the penis. The opening in the head, or glands, of the penis may become more slit-like, and the glands may become a deeper, more purplish or red color.As the orgasm is about to begin, the man may be aware of all these changes (the increase in heartbeat, the heavier breathing, the changes in the glands), but often the feeling is so intense that he is totally involved only in the feeling. The changes may happen without his being consciously aware of them.During the actual orgasm, the muscles contract and the semen comes out in three or four spurts that usually happen within less than a second of one another. These spurts may be followed by a series of six to fifteen other muscle spasms. The whole orgasm normally lasts about ten seconds. The feeling is so intense, though, that it often seems longer.After the orgasm, the heartbeat and breathing gradually return to normal. The testicles and scrotum loosen up. The penis gets soft again. All of this may take just a few seconds, or it may take a half hour or so. Afterward, men often feel really relaxed, and they may be sleepy. Other men are ready to have another orgasm right away. Usually, though, there's a period of time that must pass-anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour, several hours, or a day or so-before a man is ready to have another orgasm. Generally, the older a man gets, the more time it takes before he's ready to have another orgasm.As we say, it's a little difficult to explain how an orgasm feels, but most people agree that it's a super good feeling. We asked the men we interviewed to describe it, and many said things like "great," "terrific," "beautiful," or other simple, one-word answers. Most had trouble putting it into words, saying things like, "There's just no words to describe it," or "It's not something you can explain." Some men, however, were able to give a description. One man gave a description that other men seemed to think was pretty good. Here's what he said:"Well, it feels like there's a sort of neat sensation in my genitals and body that builds up and then goes off, a sort of wave of good sensual feeling throughout the whole body. The spurting part, when the semen is actually coming out, is a jerky kind of thing. It's not really all that great a feeling, but the waves of the sensual feeling are timed with pulses of the spurt, which does feel great. Afterward, I feel tingling and then relaxed all over."Billy from New Jersey


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Boy 1- "Ever been caught jerking off in the bathroom?"
Boy 2 - "No way!"
Boy 1 - "Good place, huh?"

Okay, I HOPE you laughed. You get more than one boy in a room and talk about masturbation and suddenly its the funniest thing in the world. Funnier than booger jokes were in fourth grade. To masturbate ...or jack off, jerk off, audition the finger puppets, bash the candle, be a virtuoso of the skin flute, beat off, beat the bishop, beat the dummy, beat the meat, beat the stick, beat up your date, beef-stroke-it-off, bleed the weed, blow your load, bludgeon the beefsteak, bop the baloney, box the Jesuit and get cockroaches, boxin' the bald champ, buff the banana, burp the baby, burp the worm, butter the corn, choke Kojak, choke the chicken, choke the sheriff and wait for the posse to come, clamp the pipe, clean your rifle, climb Mount Baldy, closet Frisbee, come into your own, cook the cream of cock, corral the tadpoles, couch hockey for one, crank the shank, crimp the wire, crown the king, cuff the carrot, diddle, do a hand job, do battle with the Purple Helmeted Warrior of Love, do handiwork, do the janitor thing, drain the monster, engage in safe sex, fist fuck, fist your mister, five knuckle shuffle, flog the dog, flog the dong, flog the hog, flog your mule, fondle the fig, friggit, gallup the antelope, genitalic stimulation via phallengetic motion, get a date with Slick Mittens, get the German soldier marching, get to know yourself, give it a tug, go a couple of rounds with ol' josh, go on a date with Handrea and Palmela, grease the pipe, hack the hog, have a conversation with the one-eyed trouser snake, have a date with Fisty Palmer, have a date with Rosie Palm and her five sisters, have it off, have sex with someone you love, hitchhike to heaven, hitchhike under the big top, hold the sausage hostage, hug the hog, hump your hose, jack hammer, jack off, jazz yourself, jerk off, jerkin' the Gherkin, juggling the coullions, meat with Mother Thumb and her four daughters, knuckle shuffle on the ol' piss pump, lope the mule, make instant pudding, make the bald man puke, mangle the midget, manipulate the mango, manual override, master bacon, meet Rosie Hancock, milk the cow, milk the lizard, mount a corporal and four, nerk your throbber, null the void, oil the glove, onan's olympics, pack your palm, paddle the pickle, paint the ceiling, paint the pickle, peel the banana, peel some chilies, perform diagnostics on your ManTool, play a little five-on-one, play in a one-man show, play five against one, play pocket pinball, play pocket pool, play tug-of-war with the cyclops, play Uno, please your pisser, plunk your twanger, polish Percy in your palm, polish the family jewels, polish the rocket, polish the sword, pound off, pound the bald-headed moose, pound the pud, pound your flounder, pull off, pull rank, pull the carrot, pull the cord, pull the five-knuckle shuffle, pull the goalie, pull the pole, pull the pope, pull your prick, pull your taffy, pump the python, punchin' the munchkin, ram the ham, ride the great white knuckler, roll your own, rope the pony, rope the pope, rub off, rub one out, run off a batch by hand, sacrifice sperm to the god of lonely nights, scour the tower of power, self abuse, self-induced penile regurgitation, shag, shake hands with the unemployed, shake hands with your John Thomas, shake hands with your wife's best friend, shemp the hog, shift gears, shine the helmet, shine your pole, shoot putty at the moon, shoot skeet (pull...shoot), shoot the moon, slakin' the bacon, slam the ham, slam the spam, slammin' the salmon, slap high fives with Yul Brynner, slap the carrot, slap the clown, slap the donkey, slap the pud, slap the salami, slappin' pappy, sling the jelly, snap the monkey, snap the rubber, snap the whip, solo sex, spank the frank, spank the monkey, spank the salami, squeeze the cheese, squeeze the juice, stinky pinky, stir the yogurt, stoke it, stroke it, stroke off, stroke the one-eyed burping gecko, stroke the dog, stroke the satin-headed serpent, stroke your poker, take matters into your own hands, take the monster for a one-armed ride, take part in population control, tease the weenie, tenderize the tube steak, test the testicles, test your batteries, the art of Unisex, tickle my fancy, tickle the pickle, toss off, toss the turkey, twang the wire, thump the pump, tweak your twinkie, varnish the flagpole, wack the one-eyed worm, wack the weasel, wack the willie, walk the dog, walk the plank, wank, wax the carrot, wax the dolphin, wax your surfboard, whack off,whip off, whip the dummy, whip the wire, whip up some sour cream, whip your dripper, whizzin' jism, wixen, wonk your conker, work off, wrestle the eel, wring out your rope, wrist aerobics, yank off, yank the crank, yank your plank, yank the yoyo, is something common to most guys. As a matter of fact I think most guys get pretty good at it. But unlike SuperNES or other games of skill, its not something you probably want to brag about or show off to your friends. But you can bet they are doing it too.I mean, REALLY, would there be that many names for it if you and Pee Wee Herman were the only guys who liked it?

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fDanger? Yeah...   ..Right!

According to all the stuff I found there is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbating as long as you do it in private and wash your hands after. Wait that was peeing, well, maybe the same rules apply. You wouldn't take a leak in english class, so dont pull it out and go at it there either. Also, from time to time you will run across people saying it's wrong, or a sin, or something like that. What I try to keep in mind is that if it's a sin that I'm going to hell for, at least I'll be with my pals!Seriously, the worst thing you can do is let somebody make you feel guilty for doing it. I suspect if those people had their way and everybody stopped there would be an epidemic of exploding groins in jr. and sr. high schools all over the country. I know I'm being kind of funny about this, I can't help it. If you were writing this I'd like to see you stay serious the whole time. I guess I should include POSSIBLE dangers from masturbating. Besides your sister catching you maybe...or worse yet ...mom!
WOW ...a MAJOR embarrasment and I bet that would be pretty traumatic. Just be careful and lock the door.

fDangers of Masturbating

*  Chafing. Nothing worse than a sore irritated penis. However, a simple investment in some lotion or lubricant will take care of that. *  Antisocial Behavior. This is kind of a joke. If you find yourself leaving someplace where you are hanging out with your friends just so you can go home and masturbate I think either you need to find friends who are more fun, or there's something else going on.


More Dangers of Masturbating

I need to include a couple more things here that my buds Chris and Ken pointed out in e-mail. These are dangers I didn't think of and for some reason were not covered in anything I read.*  Chris Says: Don't stick it in a vacuum cleaner. You can pop a blood vessel ...it is also better to avoid an embarassing explanation at the doctor's office. *  Chris Also Says: Don't stick stuff in the tip. You can really hurt yourself that way. * Daniel Says: "I read something somewhere about not blocking the flow of semen, it can back up and cause problems" <paraphrase> So maybe you ought to not do that either! And inquiries into HOW this came up as a topic of conversation should be directed to bgates@microsoft.com. 

I think that's about all I can think of that you really need to know about masturbation. If you like it, do it, if not, then don't. If you feel that as a 10th or 11th grader you are still masturbating at a 7th or 8th grade level you might want to check out the FAQ that is compiled by the people who run alt.sex.masturbation. It has a LOT of information in it, some of it pretty bizzarre in my opinion, but you know, they say, no knowledge is ever wasted. Maybe it will be a category on Jeopardy some day.



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